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We are VERY thrilled to report that on August 7, VG4A passed the $2 million mark in terms of total money raised since our inception in 2006. This is an incredible achievement for a group from a city our size.  Members, supporters and donors should all be extremely proud. Every donation, every muffin, every placemat, shoulder bag and hedgehog, every ticket sold, every African dinner served, every kilometre cycled, every stride walked, every idea shared and acted upon, every piece of costume jewellery cashed in, every double your money project, every piece of spare change, every market, every presentation, every solicitation ... Together we have made a difference in many, many lives over the last 17 years.   We are stronger than ever right now. It took us 11 years to make our first $1 million and only six for the second!

"We will not rest until they can rest."

We are extremely grateful to our donors who have opened their hearts and their wallets to our cause.  We now have 


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